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Psychologist and Psychotherapist, has developed her studies, in a humanistic approach attending the LUMSA University, where she has graduated in Clinical Psychology and Community. Since 2004 she has been able to achieve a number of goals and specializations in the areas summarized below: Systemic Relational Family Psychotherapist and Master in Family Mediation, Master in Psychodiagnostics and Psychological Evaluation, Advisor to the Prosecutor of Rome for the psychological assessment of minors, Forensic Consultant for the Public Prosecutor of Rome, for collecting summary information in criminal court concerning cases with minors, Forensic Consultant for the Criminal Court of Rome.
She is an International Member of APA (American Psychological Association).



Date of Birth: 31.07.1979 Rome
Office address: Via Vezio Crisafulli, 43 - 00166 Rome (Italy)
Mobile Number: +39 335 39 81 88
E-mail: giua.marzia@gmail.com
Website: www.marziagiua.eu
Skype: marzia.giua
VAT Number: 11454521003


  • • Specialized in EMDR I and II level.
  • • PCL-R (Psychopathy Checklist- Revised by Robert Hare) - Official Training Course to apply test to inmates in Prison.
  • • Psychological Counsellor - for working groups to European calls, Mentoring and improving Job Skills.
  • • Advisor and Forensic Consultant to the Criminal Chamber for the Court of Rome, registered as psychologist specialized in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychodiagnosis, Family Mediation." (according to Law 172 art. 351 par. 1 b)
  • • Specialized in "Methods and techniques for the collection of the first statements of minors in the legal field", intensive course held by the Police Headquarters in Rome and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome.
  • • Advisor to the Prosecutor of Rome in cases of expert opinions for the assessment of generic and specific suitability of minors.
  • • Member of the APA – American Psychological Association.
  • • Psychologist support for mentoring and tutoring for students of doctoral courses and degree at Sapienza University of Rome.
  • • Psychologist for the Protocol of screening for the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases implemented by the National Academy of Lincei and Biomedical Campus University of Rome.
  • • Court-Appointed Expert (CTU) of the Court of Rome.
  • • Systemic and Relational Psychotherapist (five-years Specialization) at the Research Centre for Family Therapy and Relational at IEFCOS Rome.
  • • Specialization in Psychodiagnosis and Psychological Assessment at the CENAF Institute – Rome.
  • • Specialization in Family Mediation at ICOTEA Institute accredited by the Ministry of Justice.
  • • Psychologist with the Executive Department SPDC Psychiatrist Hospital Belcolle of Viterbo in cases of assessments of capacity of consent, assessment of specific and generic ability to testify in the case of minors.
  • • Appointed as expert in Psychodiagnosis in cases of evaluation of social danger or suitability for prison regime, at Velletri Prison, Penitentiary New complex and Female Rebibbia in Rome and Terni.
  • • Member since 2011 of Psychology Section at the SSAI - School for the Administration of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • • Psychotherapist, Head of Center of Psychological Support in the Social Centre V. Paglieri of "The Salvation Army"
  • • Member of PSICOIUS - Roman School of Forensic Psychology.
  • • Psychologist licensed at the National Council of the Order of Psychologists (Lazio) - n. 14346
  • • Graduate degree (five years) in Clinical Psychology and Community.


From 1993/94 to 1997/98
Classical Studies High School Diploma.
High school “De Vedruna”, via Montanelli 5, Rome.

From 1998/99 to 2003/04
Faculty of Clinical Psychology and Community.
L.U.M.S.A. University of Rome.

From 2006 to 2011
Five-year Specialization in Systemic Relational Psychotherapy.Psy.D
IEFCOS in Rome


Since July 2016
Scientific Counsellor and Psychologist for ECM (National Provider) for health courses.

Since February 2016
Advisor and Forensic Consultant to the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Rome, licensed as psychologist specialized in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychodiagnosis, Family Mediation." (according to Law 172 art. 351 par. 1 b).

Since December 2015
Psychologist, an expert in forensic psychology, duty on call H24, to the Public Prosecutor of Rome for the pool "Offences against sexual freedom and against the family" in cases of listening in request summary information with minors in Court cases.

Since July 2015
Psychological Counsellor for selection and preparation for working groups to European calls, Mentoring and improving Job Skills. Coach and teacher for the Project "Guarantee Young people" on the Communication in the enterprises, whit E.U. funding.

Since June 2015
Partner of the Association "My Choice", network of professionals, companies and associations that offer services in support of women and children who are victims or potential victims of psychological stress, violence, abuse and who want to make their choice in life. MyChoice is active with counselling, legal, and security as well as with targeted services to address these issues. My Choice is in partnership with Federpol, Rotary International and the National Association of Parapharmacies.

Since February 2015
As a psychotherapist experienced in dysfunctional relationships of victims of violence and women in prostitution, deals with a field project with the operational support of "The Salvation Army" for Antitrafficking in the context of street prostitution, women and LGBT. The project provides outreach of women in prostitution and transsexuals who are in the circle of prostitution. The project aims to collect the experiences of these people in order to conduct a survey of race, age, origins of these people and understand where the journey into the world of prostitution began.

Since January 2015
Clinical psychologist for the Project "Train the brain" of the Foundation in partnership with Igea's Biomedical Campus of Rome and the Academy of Lincei, for the prevention and detection of individuals at risk of dementia and Alzheimer's and cognitive recruiting for the phase cognitive training and enhancing brain function.

Since November 2014
Technical Consultant Psychologist for the Public Prosecutor of Rome, for preparing expert reports in Court cases with minors, according to Law 172 art. 351 par. 1 b.

Since May 2014
Forensic Consultant at the request of Prosecutors of the Public Prosecutor of Rome on minors, to evaluate the ability of generic and specific to testify. Deals as Psychodiagnostic Specialist with the profile of the person and the personality of the child

Since February 2014
Specialized with an intensive course in "Methods and techniques for the collection of the first statements of minors in the legal field" at PsicoIus, Roman School of Psychology legal, including days training alongside at the police headquarters in Rome and at the Prosecutor's Office, for the collection of the first declarations of minors in the legal field.

Since January 2013
Coordinator of the Center of Psychological Support for institutionalized elderly in Santa Margherita, Rome, Support Project joint between IPAB, Unisped and Community of St. Egidio. The role involves personal psychotherapy, coordination of Psychologists and Psychodiagnostics for administering tests, developing strategies for active involvement with various non-profit organizations.

Since March 2013
Coordinator of the Center of Psychological Support "shadow people" for the support of victims of child abuse, human trafficking of minors, gender violence, with the support of the Rotary Community Corps Rotary International.

Since March 2013
Party-Appointed Expert (CTU) of the Civil Court of Rome.

Since October 2012
Scientific coordinator for the Project "Memories for aging people" of the Rotary Club Centenario of Rome, under the patronage of the former 17th Municipality of the Capital City of Rome.

Since September 2012
Psychotherapist in charge of the Social Centre of "The Salvation Army" V. Pagliari, with the responsibility of screening the guests of the Center, offering psychological support to the various difficulties: senile dementia, depression, psychiatric problems, etc.

Since April 2012
Psychological assessment for the Executive of the Hospital of Viterbo Belcolle in cases of expertise for evaluating the ability of consent, of Rebibbia Prison (women's Complex), the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and the Court of Terni.

Since March 2011
Substitute - Auxiliary CTP, at the courts of Rome and Velletri.

Since July 2010
Collaboration with Prof. Aureliano Pacciolla, Professor of Psychology of Personality and CTU at the Court of Rome, who supervises clinical use of tests.

From April 2009 to June 2010
Internship at the IEFCO.S. at Health Center ASL of Rome. The activity included interviews with patients of different ages and with various diseases and problems. In particular, conducting Family Psychotherapy in cases of families with difficulties with their children, both of DSA, relational disorders and drug abuse, and in cases of credit or adoptions, working in network with social workers of the Territory.

From September 2007 to March 2009
Training at the School of IEFCOS, at the Center for Child Help. The activity includes psychological interviews with children aged 3 to 17. Therapies with playful instruments, and capacity of administration of projective tests, as well as "paper and pencil". She collaborated with the team case owner to the elaboration of the psychological evaluation in cases of adoption and leave, in cases of ill-treatment, and in cases of revocation of parental responsibility. The talks are aimed at children with severe mental and physical deficits, as well as children who have suffered abuse and psychological or physical violence, adopted children or foster parents or in group chosen by the Juvenile Court and with youth at rick of deviance.


Mother tongue: Italian
Other language: English


APA Convention Grant for the International Psychologists to attend Toronto Convention, 2015
Professional Order of Psychologists of Lazio - Innovation Label Short List for the Project


Member of EMDR Italia (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
Member of PsicoIus (Scuola Romana Psicologia Giuridica)
Member of APA (America Psychological Association)
Member of IASP (Italian American Psychological Society)
Member of SCP Italy (Society For Coaching Psychology Italy)
Teachers board Psychology of SSAI - "Scuola Superiore dell’Amministrazione dell’Interno" - Ministry of Interior

(I authorize the processing of personal data contained in my curriculum vitae by art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 of Italian law)



Services at glance: individual, couples, families and companies. For any kind of information or to know fare you can contact me by email, web or my mobile number.

Systemic Relational Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy addressed to the individual, couples and families. This is a systemic method that tackles the problem of a person like an important element of a disfunctional and maladaptive relational environment.

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  • EMDR Therapy

    This is a form of psychotherapy developed by Francine Shapiro that emphasizes the role of distressing memories in some mental health disorders, particularly posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During EMDR therapy the client attends to emotionally disturbing material in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus. The goal of EMDR is to reduce the long-lasting effects of distressing memories by engaging the brain's natural adaptive information processing mechanisms, thereby relieving present symptoms

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  • Counselling
    on line

    It is a chance to have a contact with a psychotherapist in all those cases that is not allowed a live session in the office ( because of distance, disabilities, etc..).

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    For any kind of information you can use the contacts or the email form below:

    Via Vezio Crisafulli, 43
    00166 Rome (Italy)

    +39 335 39 81 88
    Skype: marzia.giua