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Clinical Psychologist and Systemic-Relational Psychotherapist (Psy.D). Forensic Consultant for the Public Prosecutor of Rome at the Civil and Penal Court of Rome. Also specialized in Psychodiagnostics, EMDR method and Family Mediation.

I began my studies at the University “LUMSA” in Rome. It was a five year course, and I obtained my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2004.
I was a trainee and an apprentice for several Public Health Services in Rome, where I focused on clinical activity. I worked closely under the supervision of managers and senior psychiatrists of the public institution. After one year, I passed the Italian State Exam to obtain the National License as Psychologist in 2006.
I work helping people with personality disorders, anxiety, mood disorders, substance use disorders, somatization disorders, eating disorders, sexual orientation problems, violence and maltreatment in family, and issues with couples or adolescents.
I’m also involved in services to support American citizen.




Services at glance: individual, couples, families and companies. For any kind of information or to know fare you can contact me by email, web or my mobile number.

Systemic Relational Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy addressed to the individual, couples and families. This is a systemic method that tackles the problem of a person like an important element of a disfunctional and maladaptive relational environment.

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  • EMDR Therapy

    This is a form of psychotherapy developed by Francine Shapiro that emphasizes the role of distressing memories in some mental health disorders, particularly posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During EMDR therapy the client attends to emotionally disturbing material in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus. The goal of EMDR is to reduce the long-lasting effects of distressing memories by engaging the brain's natural adaptive information processing mechanisms, thereby relieving present symptoms

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  • Counselling
    on line

    It is a chance to have a contact with a psychotherapist in all those cases that is not allowed a live session in the office ( because of distance, disabilities, etc..).

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    For any kind of information you can use the contacts or the email form below:

    Via Vezio Crisafulli, 43
    00166 Rome (Italy)

    +39 335 39 81 88
    Skype: marzia.giua